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Terms of service 

Free Cleanout Cap Removal.

Cleanout cap removal service is free and included as a complimentary service with no warranty of service since it's free. This service involves removing a rusted/stuck cap on the main drain line in a home or business. This cap must be removed in order to perform the service hired for. These services involve sewer inspections or rooter/ clog removal.

The Cleanout cap removal is a $500 - $2000 service on average if a service professional is hired for the removal. This free service does not cover or warranty any damage to the line or surrounding area. Cleanouts that are old and rusted thin due to years of water exposure can break or crack and this is not covered by the free cleanout removal service. Things that can go wrong during this free service that are not covered by this free service and will be the responsibility of the homeowner or other persons involved are the following. 1. Cleanout stack breaks due to rusting and age. ($500 - $1000 repair price) this is very rare. 2. Cleanout cap is replaced and the new cap leaks and drips on the floor. ($10 - $60 repair price) 3. Cap is removed but a new cap can not fit into the opening due to irregular sizing from pre-1930s builds. This issue is solved by buying a specialty cap at a local store called consolidated supply. This is the responsibility of the homeowner or person who booked the appointment.


Running water during the appointment:

Sometimes running water will be required for a sewer inspection. This allows the camera to have a clear picture when gouped up with human waste. It also allows the insight to grade issues with the line. Water should only be run in sinks or tubs with working drains. If this is unknown then the water should be run on low and watched to verify its draining.  If water is run in a drain that is clogged or obstructed then any damage due to this running water is the responsibility of the homeowner and not Spokane Rooter. Drains are assumed to be working unless otherwise specified beforehand. Spokane Rooter will always ask the homeowner or person present at the appointment to run the water for them as this is the responsibility of the homeowner or the person present. If the status of the drain is unknown then the person present or the home owner assumes responsibility.