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Spokane Sewer Camera Inspection & Clog Removal
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Spokane Sewer Inspection

Spokane Sewer Scope

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CDA sewer scope 

CDA sewer inspection 

Sewer Inspections

Sewer Scopes

Sewer Locates

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer inspections help buyers/sellers & homeowners. You will find out if the sewer has any issues like root growth, low spots, breaks or collapse. Materials like paper pipe Orangeburg, clay, concrete, PVC or ABS. Also, we can give you a price range estimate for any repairs that are needed right away or down the road. That way you can negotiate those costs on your home sale or plan ahead for future repairs. Every home should have a sewer inspection when being sold or bought. That way no sewer floods unexpectedly occur for new owners.  

Main Line Rooter
External sewer line or Toilet clog

Includes a Sewer Camera Inspection

This service is for clearing roots/clog in the main sewer line between the home and the street connection. This service comes with a sewer inspection after cutting/removing roots/clog to verify the line is working & flowing again. This digital video file will be sent to you if you want it. This machine uses a blade and cable to cut and remove clogs.

Sink/Shower/Bath/ Floor Drain Clog

Do you have a clog in a sink, shower, bath, laundry, or floor drain line? This service is to clear a clog in these secondary lines. These clogs are very common due to sludge build-up, laundry lint, hair, or cooking materials. We use mechanical rooter machines to clear the clog. 

Spokane / CDA Sewer Inspections

Spokane rooter has done over 10,000 local sewer inspections. We know what to look for and what it costs to fix it. We check most homes for sale in Spokane / CDA and give a detailed report and analysis on the type of pipe, any breaks or collapse, any low spots or root growth or future repairs and maintenance that may be needed. We also specialize in helping diagnose unknown sewer issues with our sewer camera equipment and locating devices. We can sense depth and location if needed. 

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Sewers have many issues including roots, low spots, breaks, & collapses.

PVC sewer lines get roots and can clog

Old and New homes have sewer issues and install defects.

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