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We understand that navigating these services can be perplexing. Please refer to the guide below to assist you in selecting the recommended sewer service to book. Each of our services comes with a flat rate. We aim to inspect your sewer line or restore your sewer efficiently without unnecessary time and expenses. Therefore, it's crucial to book the appropriate service. If you require further assistance or would like a free estimate to determine what you need, feel free to contact our office at 509-992-2600 via call or text.

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I'm experiencing an isolated issue, such as a single sink drain backing up or a particular shower draining slowly. This problem is limited to that specific area and doesn't affect any other plumbing within the house.

It's advisable to schedule a drain clog clearing specifically for the affected drain experiencing blockage.

I'm encountering several issues, such as multiple sinks or toilets draining slowly, backups occurring in showers, tubs, or basements.

There seems to be an issue with your mainline, and it's crucial to address this promptly to prevent costly damages and repairs. If you haven't already the best service to start with is a mainline rooter service. This uses a blade and cable to cut through the sewer mainline clog. 

I've never had my mainline cleared or undergone any maintenance for it.

It is recommended to schedule a Mainline Rooter service. This service is particularly beneficial for addressing heavy root intrusions and blockages. It encompasses sending a spinning blade down the line, root and blockages are cut up and drain out into the city line. Optional video inspection, along with a complimentary repair estimate if required.

My sewer is clogged with sludge or a low spot keeps collecting debris and causing a clog. Could be cast iron internal sewer line from before 1980 or PVC externally in Spokane Valley has a low spot or a really long sewer line with flat grade and a low flow toilet.

It is recommended to schedule a Hydrojet service. This service is particularly beneficial for addressing heavy sludge buildup, and blockages. It encompasses a thorough wall-to-wall clearing, small root and sludge removal, video inspection.

I've had maintenance or root clearing performed on my mainline sewer within the past two years, and this is part of my routine maintenance schedule.

We recommend a chain knocker that utilizes a chain that spins at high speeds and cleans roots completely wall to wall without damaging the sewer line like a mainline rooter cable and blade can. This method is advisable for individuals who have regularly maintained their sewer mainline. Larger, unmanaged roots can potentially damage or cause blades and cables to become stuck or break during the process. The chain knocker is a newer technology that gets more years in between services compared to mainline rooter. 

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