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Spokane Home Inspection

Spokane Rooter stands out as a leading expert in Spokane home Inspection sewer inspections, particularly for those in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene areas. Their services are tailored towards homebuyers, homeowners, home inspectors and real estate agents who are involved in the home sale process. They also extend their expertise to commercial properties and businesses.


One of the unique aspects of Spokane Rooter is that all inspections are conducted by the owner, not an employee. This ensures that each inspection is carried out with the utmost precision and attention to detail. This direct involvement can be crucial, as the condition of sewer lines can significantly impact property values and potential repair costs.

Spokane Rooter's inspections are thorough, examining various materials used in sewer lines such as Orangeburg, clay, concrete, and PVC. Orangeburg, for instance, is an outdated material prone to needing replacement, and identifying this can be critical during the inspection process. The inspections also look for root intrusions, breaks, or collapses, which are common issues that can lead to severe problems if not addressed.

The service also provides detailed digital reports of each inspection, including video footage and screenshots, which can be invaluable during real estate transactions. These reports offer insights into the current condition of the sewer line and the potential costs for necessary repairs or maintenance.

For those considering a home inspection, it’s worth noting that Spokane Rooter emphasizes the importance of choosing a specialized sewer inspection over general home inspectors for several reasons. General home inspectors may not have the specialized tools or expertise to detect and diagnose issues specifically within sewer lines. Additionally, problems missed by general inspectors could lead to costly repairs, sometimes exceeding $10,000.

Furthermore, Spokane Rooter offers the ability to prepay for services online and provides a range of payment options including cash, check, credit cards, and digital wallets like Venmo and PayPal. They offer flat rate pricing, which can be viewed on their website, ensuring transparency and predictability in what can often be a complex process.

In conclusion, opting for a specialized sewer inspection from Spokane Rooter not only provides a thorough assessment of a property's sewer system but also offers peace of mind, knowing that any potential issues will be expertly identified and can be addressed before they become major financial burdens. This detailed approach helps in ensuring that homebuyers and sellers can negotiate repairs and fully understand the condition of the property’s sewer system.


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