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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Spokane Wa

Spokane Rooter Trenchless Sewer Repair sits atop the throne as Spokane’s premier choice for residential and commercial sewer line repairs. Our highly skilled experts in trenchless sewer repair are always ready and waiting to remedy your sewer line problems, just dial us at 509-822-2201. Our aim is to provide answers to your inquiries, offering all the necessary information that will enable you to make informed decisions regarding your sewer repair. Are you curious about the common causes of sewer line failure or the cost and time benefits of trenchless sewer repair as opposed to the expensive and chaotic conventional excavation methods? We've got all your answers.

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Why Do Sewer Lines Become Faulty?

Numerous factors can contribute to sewer lines failure, largely dependent on the raw materials utilized in their construction. Sewer systems, which have significantly contributed to better sanitation and safe drinking water sources, can be traced back thousands of years. Over time, the materials employed in creating these systems have experienced development. Recently, sewer lines were mostly comprised of cast iron, vitrified clay, or Orangeburg pipe.

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The Orangeburg pipe, produced between the 1860s and 1970s, was composed of wood fiber bound with waterproof adhesive and sealed in coal tar. It gained massive usage during and after World War II as iron was rationed and thus unavailable for sewer pipes construction. Between 1945 and 1972, Orangeburg pipe was extensively used in Washington state and Spokane. The pipe is prone to various issues including susceptibility to moisture, root attacks, deformation, and even flattening over time. Due to its numerous disadvantages, Orangeburg pipes were replaced with PVC in the 70s. Moreover, if your property has Orangeburg pipes, it is highly advisable to address the situation before it escalates. The best remedy here is Trenchless sewer lining. Some companies will say that bursting is best but they say this because it's easier. Sometimes trenchless lining is best but requires a very skilled crew to complete the job. Liners up to 100 ft can be done, we are the only crew in the area that can do liners that long. Although most pipe bursting / lining procedures will still necessitate a bit of digging for the pipe launch pit (Street or property line), the level of ground disturbance is minimal, especially when compared to the large-scale trenches dug for traditional open-top excavations. Opting for pipe bursting or trenchless liners or pipe coating as your trenchless pipe replacement option helps to keep your yard relatively undisturbed. Plus, it can eliminate the need to excavate the street and sidewalk outside your home and shoulder the cost of subsequent repairs once the job is completed.

Vitrified Clay and Cast Iron

Vitrified clay, readily accessible to large population hubs, including Spokane and neighboring areas, was a favorite pick. Cast Iron, initially without lining and later coated with corrosion-resistant lining, surpassed clay in popularity in the mid-20th century. Both materials include their own set of drawbacks. For instance, cast iron can become rough and corroded on the inside, leading to debris and waste getting trapped on sharp edges. This causes clogs, and blockages, and could result in burst or broken sewer lines. The vitrified clay pipe (VCP) is strong and durable, with its usage tracing back over 5000 years. Nonetheless, it's extremely vulnerable to root attacks. In a city like Spokane with a variety of large, historic trees, this VCP weakness often becomes a recurrent problem for its residents. We can trenchless liner clay, burst clay, pipe coat clay or the traditional trench dig replacement. 

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How Are Sewer Lines Repaired?

Pipe Lining & Pipe Coating - Recommended

In instances where the sewer line damage is not severe, a trenchless sewer repair technique known as pipe coating, pipelining, or pipe relining, serves as the optimal and most cost-effective solution. This process involves inserting an inflatable capsule coated in epoxy into the faulty sewer line. Once expanded, the epoxy attaches and cures to the old sewer line, effectively repairing the leak. The type of epoxy used for this kind of repair is especially durable and can last over 50 years.

Pipe Bursting - Most Common 

When a sewer pipe has suffered structural damage to the extent where pipe lining no longer is an option, pipe bursting presents itself as an ideal choice. This trenchless innovation aids in replacing old and dilapidated pipes. The procedure's mechanics consist of digging small access points at both pipe ends and feeding a bursting tool into your existing pipeline. This tool shatters the old pipe into tiny pieces, which are then cast into the nearby soil, clearing a path for the new pipe. The new pipe is drawn into position as the bursting head advances, and with the old pipe out of the way, the replacement pipe's diameter can be larger than the original pipe to help cater to your specific needs better. Upon completion, you're left with a brand-new, seamless, and robust pipe ready to serve your Spokane home or office.

The decrease in ground disturbance generally means a shorter working time frame, less re-seeding of grass over the operation site, reduced waiting time for grass regrowth over the sewer line, and less time beholding the unsightly worksite where the operation took place.

Traditional Excavation - Old School 
Previously, sewer line repairs primarily entailed excavating the old lines and substituting them with new ones. Understandably, this procedure was time-consuming and extremely invasive. In extreme cases, excavation may be the only solution to repair a sewer line. However, advancements in technology and highly proficient technicians have birthed the adoption of trenchless sewer repair techniques.

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How can I determine which trenchless sewer repair option is best for me?
Spokane Rooter Trenchless sewer repair provides sewer line inspections which are necessary in determining the damage extent in a sewer line repair. More so, these inspections will come in handy when purchasing a home. Don't hesitate to call us today and schedule a sewer line inspection at 509-822-2201.

Why Choose Spokane Rooter Trenchless Sewer Repair?
At Spokane Rooter, our reputation for satisfying our customers is second to none. Our commitment to ensuring the job gets completed correctly, promptly, and within the budget is our topmost priority. This is why we have hundreds of 5-star Google reviews. Remember, we’re here to help you restore functionality to your home or business and afford you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable, non-invasive, and long-lasting solution to your sewer repair needs.

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