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Terms of service 

Terms of Service: Janitorial Services for Sewer and Drain Inspections

Disclaimer of Warranties:

Our janitorial services, specifically related to camera inspections for sewers and drains and the clearing of clogs from drain lines, are provided "as is" and without any warranty, guarantee, or protection of any kind, either expressed or implied. Despite carrying general liability insurance, we explicitly disclaim all warranties, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Our clients understand and agree that the use of our services is solely at their risk.

Service Limitations:

  1. Sewer Inspection Videos and Reports Online: For clients desiring the removal of their sewer inspection video or report from online access, an email request to must be sent with the specific address related to the report and video to be removed. We will comply without question, recognizing these are made available online solely for convenience.

  2. Toilet Water Lines: In cases where toilet removal is necessary for sewer line access, the homeowner assumes full responsibility for the water supply line. Spokane Rooter's role is limited to turning off and detaching the valve, without any liability for subsequent leaks or damages. Repairs or replacements due to valve malfunctions fall under the homeowner's responsibility.

  3. Backwater Valves: We do not guarantee the performance or longevity of backwater valves, including the condition of the valve flaps during inspections. Any damages or malfunctions encountered during or as a result of our services are the homeowner's liability, including necessary access to the valve for repairs.

  4. Free Cleanout Cap Removal: This complimentary service comes without any warranty or liability for damages, including but not limited to breakages or leaks resulting from cap removal. Any costs for repair or replacement are the client's responsibility.

  5. Running Water: The client or an appointed individual must supervise the running of water during inspections or clog removals. Spokane Rooter holds no liability for damages resulting from water running in clogged or obstructed drains.

No Warranty for Services:

There are no warranties, guarantees, or protections offered for any services rendered. If our machinery becomes stuck or breaks within your sewer/drain lines, the homeowner assumes all risks and costs associated with such incidents, including any necessary repairs due to sewer line or drain line neglect.

Acceptance of Terms:

By utilizing our services, clients acknowledge and accept these terms, understanding the explicit limitations and disclaimers outlined herein. Our commitment to providing quality service within these parameters remains unwavering.

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